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Policies and Procedures

Thank you for your interest in visiting Vatsim Brazil (VATBRZ). If you are interested in transferring into VATBRZ, you are at the wrong page. Go to the Division transfer request form, here.

Before entering a visiting ATC program you should read the Vatsim.net Transfer and Visiting Controller Policy (April 2009).

VATBRZ's Visiting ATC Program Experience

Brazil is an amazing country with a huge airspace to handle. Brazilian ATCs work a lot to cover a jurisdiction area of 22 million square kilometers, one of the biggest in the world. An interested visiting ATC should know that we have many different airports under extremely different conditions from south to north country. Elevations, wind, and temperature conditions vary too much from region to region and offer our simulation a great mindset challenge.

In Brazil we have 5 different ACCs, four of them are over land, and one of them is Oceanic. Our division works as a whole, we don't have specific STAFF to each ACC/FIR.

As you may imagine, a such a huge area with so few ACCs provide a Center Controller a huge challenge. Therefore it is not mandatory to provide services below FL100 most of the times, though many of our C1 try to handle it.

The four ACCs and respective ICAO codes are shown in the table below.
In Brazil have oceanic FSS to. But this FSS under jurisdition Cindacta 03- Recife ACC


SBBS - SBBS_CTR  - Brasilia ACC


SBCW - SBCW_CTR  - Curitiba ACC




SBAZ - SBAZ_CTR  - Amazonic ACC


SBAO - SBAO_FSS  - Oceanic FSS

Apply - Application Visiting Controller

Visiting controllers must understand that primary training will be given to VATBRZ Controllers and we can not provide rating training to visiting controllers in accordance to VATSIM's policies. Visitors will only be given procedure training. Controllers found to not meet the Global Ratings Policy required competency for their rating will be referred back to their home Divisions for additional training and may be rejected or have their visiting status revoked until they meet GRP requirements.

As allowed under the Visiting and Transferring Control Policy, visiting controllers are not permitted to control within the VATBRZ airspace until they have been certified to do so by a VATBRZ Instructor or Mentor.

If you agree with the above and the VATBRZ policies, please fill out a Ticket in our Support System sending us your VATSIM ID, Division and your intentions regarding being a Visiting ATC. It is also desirable you request your divisional training staff a recommendation letter for our program. The link to our Support System is provided in the upper menu IN ENGLISH > TICKET SUPPORT SYSTEM. Click Create a Ticket and then select ENGLISH - VISITING APPLICATION.

Traffic In Brazil

SBCW_CTR = Curitiba Center43%
SBBS_CTR = Brasilia Center22%
SBRE_CTR = Recife Center24%
SBAZ - CTR = Amazonic Center11%

Range Cover Radar

SBCW_CTR = Curitiba Center29%
SBBS_CTR = Brasilia Center14%
SBRE_CTR = Recife Center21%
SBAZ_CTR = Amazonic Center36%

Controller School VATBRZ

After you have registered as a controlling visitor, you will receive a confirmation email and invite you to a welcome interview.

In our programming, we have all available material for studies and donwload.
All training, you will be accompanied by a Mentor or Instructor, who will instruct in your study, knowledge of FIR, s and your first connection.

Access the contents of the School VATBRZ Here.

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